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When we face difficulties in our lives we need to talk to someone. Talking to our family or even the people closest to us may seem impossible. We may fear being misjudged or misunderstood. We may feel that we are not being heard at all. This is where I can assist. 

I offer a safe place where you will have the time and space - for you. You will be able to discuss your thoughts and feelings in complete confidence, with no criticism or judgement. Together, we will explore those thoughts and feelings, and discover what may need to be put into place, in order for you to overcome your issues.

I have an integrative approach to counselling, which means I use a range of therapeutic models, allowing me to work more flexibly, so I can adapt to all clients, rather than being fixed to any one programme. 

My aim is to help you find your inner resource, so that you can rediscover your ability to see things in a more positive perspective, in order to move towards a meaningful and happier life. 

If you think counselling is for you, please read my Counselling page for more information.

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